08. Jan, 20 Uhr

02. Oct, 20 Uhr

Plot Twisters present: Trees have long hair

On this very special evening, “The Plot Twisters”will don their metaphorical gardening gloves,
equipped with watering cans filled to the brim with confessions and recollections, and see what flower blooms from the soil.

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02. SEP, 20 Uhr

14. Oct, 8pm

AMS!-Spezial: Yes, and…Love

Exactly eight months after Valentine’s Day, Schmü:tzt and Irgendwas mit Liebe will let you feel the tension in the air. The players will demonstrate how varied connections can present themselves. Whether it’s a warm hug, a shy smile, or a loud “YES! (…and)”. They test the limits of love in a playful and musical way.

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